Elegant Horstad Gård with its beautiful 7,750 acres of land is situated in Åbygda in Bindal municipality in the county of Nordland

Horstad Gård

  • Horstad Gård was built in 1611 and has been owned by Fred. Olsen since 1959.
  • Horstad is situated in the heart of Åbygda on the northern side of the river. It borders with Sylten and Aune to the north, Stranda to the west and Gautmoen and Skarstad to the east.
  • It was originally crown land. Otto Sverdrup, the well-known polar explorer was born on the estate on 31 October 1854.
  • The property’s land covers 7,750 acres, of which around 62 acres are cultivated land and around 2,500 acres are forest. The barn and cultivated land are leased out.
  • Extensive renovations have taken place, including the total renovation of the tenant housing which has been adjoined to the oldest barn dating from the 19th century.
  • Horstad Gård’s premises still have a historical feel, with 25 comfortable beds in 13 traditional rooms that all have a lovely atmosphere.

Management, environment and sustainability

At Horstad Gård, we manage the natural resources in a sustainable manner with a long-term perspective.

  • Our clear goal is to increase the stock of wild trout and wild salmon, and to work on measures to increase their numbers and make them more hardy.
  • Fish that are caught are released back into the river. The catch and release method ensures more and bigger fish in the river.
  • The stock is monitored continuously using a camera system.
  • It is important that no waste is left in nature, and that the areas and natural resources are treated well and with respect.
  • Horstad Gård wishes to make a contribution to the local community and local value creation, and we use local businesses, goods and labour as much as we can.